Renting Kitchenware with MaExchange

MaExchange aims to help exchange students settle into their new home in Mannheim easily, sustainably and affordably!

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MaExchange's Role

Championing a more ecofriendly experience for exchange students

MaExchange gives exchange students a solution to positively impact the environment whilst simulataneously remaining affordable. Removing the need for large expenses buying kitchenware, MaExchange rents exchange students a extensive range of items in exchange for a small deposit. Once returned at the end of their stay, exchange students are reimbursed and free of the burden of disposing their single-use kitchenware.

Announcements and Awards

Winners of the Sustainable Impact Contest 2023

"MaExchange showcases how young individuals can drive positive change through their creativity and commitment. The project not only contributes to conserving ecological and financial resources but also supports new students in their transition to Mannheim."

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Fair and Sustainable Prices

We’re proud of the prices we offer exchange students to borrow their kitchenware during their stay. That’s why we like to shout about it!

€0.50 / Item

All Houshold Items (Unless Otherwise Stated)

€5 / Item

Pots and Pans

Exchange students can borrow various items for a small deposit.

The great thing about the deposit system is that, as long as the items are in an acceptable condition, you will be able to get your money back once you return them at the end of the stay!

The Collection Process

Register Your Interest

Register by filling out the Google Form below, stating which items you would like to borrow and your preferred collection date.

Receive Confirmation

In no later than 5 business days you will receive an Email / WhatsApp confirming which items are able to be borrowed for your stay as well as the date of collection.

Collection Day

Collect your ordered items at the agreed date and time. The deposit for the items can be paid either in cash or with Paypal.

The Feastival

Whether you cook because you must or you are the next Gordon Ramsey, enjoy using your new kitchenware range throughout your stay in Mannheim!